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Quality Breeds Quality

Armdale and Armdale Park have been producing Poll Dorsets now for over fifty years and are one of the country’s largest seedstock producers of Poll Dorset genetics marketing over 400 rams annually.

The stud’s ability to make rapid changes to market trends has seen it continue to be one of the preferred suppliers to all leading meat processors and lot feeders. A good example of this being the demand for lamb with more shape in the muscle, particularly through the rack, loin and hindquarter where the most profitable cuts are achieved. This is made possible by Stockscans accurate scanning process providing the only accurate assessment of eye muscle area available today. This is a real figure and not an EBV, thus allowing producers to target specific markets for optimum premiums.

Visual appraisal, combined with muscle scanning has seen the depth of quality further developed through the entire draft with this year’s sale rams the most even in recent years.

Armdale-Armdale Park rams are bred to produce lambs that will satisfy all market types and specifications. Strict emphasis is placed on mobility and correctness whilst maintaining functionality and fertility, ensuring the prime lamb producers of an animal that markets itself.

Prime Lambs sired by Armdale-Armdale Park rams out of Merino ewes.

Armdale-Armdale Park Rams


Producers using Armdale genetics regularly boast an annual lambing percentage in excess of 140%, giving clients value for money.
Many clients are now using Armdale–Armdale Park rams over merino and composite ewes with excellent results, both over the hooks and in the yards.

Meat buyers recognize the quality of Armdale and Armdale Park sired lambs and regularly source their genetics both privately and through the saleyards.

Armdale and Armdale Park are dedicated to the continued success of the prime lamb industry, and continue to be leaders in both stud and commercial fields, of which Poll Dorsets sire in excess of 75% of the prime lamb market.

Garry regularly attends lamb markets to keep up with current market and pricing trends, and takes a keen interest in our clients, offering after sales advice with the marketing of their lambs and breeding programs.



“We buy Armdale rams because they are structurally sound, with long well muscled bodies and good conformation. Due to the early maturing and fast weight gain of their progeny, we are selling our lambs two or three weeks earlier than we were a few years ago. We select rams on conformation, but we find the Stockscan figures provided by the stud are very helpful in making our final decision."

Ray and Morris Webb of “Kanangra” Yerong Creek

Ray Webb of ‘Kanangra” Yerong Creek.

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